Graham Guerra

Visual Artist

Wardlow Artist in Residence

films short-films


Graham Day Guerra is a New York based artist who straddles the divide between computer rendering and fine-art with ease. Since graduating from Yale School of Art in 2003, he has been busy making paintings and working for artists such as Matthew Barney, Tom Sachs and Mel Bochner.

His works owe much to his love of historic painting, especially the violent and ecstatic depictions of the human body in Catholic art. His virgins, however, are not ascending to a theistic heaven, but a secular one where silicon and steroids are exalted.

This hyper-sexual excess owes much to Bosch, while his 3D inspired bodies floating skyward to the clouds give a modern twist to the ecstatic ascensions of Tiepolo, Veronese and Guido Reni. caught up with Graham during his residency at Wardlow Gallery in Melbourne.